So its 6 months on now from when I first uploaded my first ever blog post… all I can say is where has that time gone, I never thought I would ever get so excited about writing new blog posts and that people would actually read them.

I must admit I totally under estimated the amount of time it took bloggers to create new posts, I’m a bit of a perfectionist as well so I like my post to be perfect. Other bloggers will understand when I say that blogging isn’t just about writing a post on something you enjoy, there is a lot more planning and organisation than that. I like to upload three new blog posts a week and this can take up most of my spare time as I do have a full time job as well, which is nothing related to my blog, that said I do really enjoy writing new posts and reading lovely comments.

The main reason I started blogging was because I was inspired by other bloggers and thought well if they can do it when I must be able to as well. The only thing holding me back was my confidence. I dont think I’m naturally funny and I’m writing skills arnt the greatest either, but you know what I’m giving it a go and I wouldn’t bother if In 6 months time I still had the same amount of subscribers, as the number of views and subscribers reading my post arnt why I’m blogging, but I’m not knocking it!

I’m really happy with all of the people that have read my blog post and I really appreciate all of the lovely comments and messages I get, I feel like we are all one little community in this blogging world and its great, I love it ♥

Really what I’m trying to say in this blog post is that the last 6 months have really changed me as a person I’m a lot more confident, I’ve finally found a hobby I really enjoy and I’ve got to know some really wonderful people.

Thanks for all your support, Love you all!!

Hollie X


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