10 Holiday Essentials

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog ♥

So as your reading this blog post there are only 3 days till I go away to Lanzarote with my family, therefore I though I would put together a post including some of my holiday essentials. Obviously there are many things that I would consider as essentials when going on holiday, but these are some that I though you might like to know about, rather than just listing things like ‘clothes’ as that’s pretty obvious.

1- Brightly coloured lipsticks 

I love wearing colourful lipsticks on holiday, especially a bright red lip like Lady Danger by Mac Cosmetics £15.50.

Mac Lady Danger & Mac Chatterbox £15.50 each


2- SPF cream for the face 

When spending large amounts of time in hot weather it’s really important that you protect your skin. This means not just wearing sun screen but I also like to use a face cream that contains SPF, the one I like is the Elizabeth Arden SPF 50 face cream.


 3- Good quality conditioner 

A good quality conditioner is vital not just on holiday but as the weather gets hotter. Having natural curly hair means that my hair can become really brittle, therefore a thick moisturising conditioner really helps to strengthen my hair and to keep it soft and shining in the hotter weather. The one I like is the Aussie Damage Control Conditioner!


4- Sunglasses

I picked up some sunglasses in Primark the other day, these are an essential on holiday as the sun is out for long periods of time meaning it can cause a lot of damage to your eyes if they are exposures to high levels of UVB lights.


5- Bronzer 

On holiday I like to wear make up that’s going to make my skin look glowing and bronzed therefore a bronzer in my holiday essentials is really important. The one I like using is the Benefit Hoola as this gives me the perfect bronzed look which isn’t too orange.



6- Comfy Shoes

When going on holiday I like to make sure I pack some really comfortable shoes, I like to pack a couple of pairs on flat sandals for the daytime and then some block heeled mules for evening. I also like to travel in some flat slip on trainers which I can then use if I need some comfortable walking shoes if we go out on trips that involve walking for long amounts of time.


Newlook Sandals £9.99

7- Bikinis 

This is an obvious essential for all beach holiday… isn’t it? Unlike most girls I only take a couple of bikinis with me on a weeks holiday and then will wash them through the week. The new bikini I cant wait to take on holiday is from Asos its a Miss Guided bikini with a floral theme with bright colours.

Top £15 Bottoms £10 Asos ( Miss Guided)

8- Fake Tan 

Being extremely pale I like to wear a little bit of fake tan when I’m on holiday it gives me confidence when wearing swimwear and just generally makes me feel better about myself. My holy grail tanning product is the St Moritz Tanning Mouse in the shade Medium.


9- Denim Shorts 

I know on summer holiday many people don’t actually like to wear denim as it can be very hot and uncomfortable however I really like taking a couple of pairs of denim shorts away with me, they are just very easy to pair with little strappy tops and after all I dont spend that long in them once I’m sunbathing around the pool.

Primark- Mid Lenght Shorts £7

10- Camera

Last but certain not least, its my Canon Camera I’ve only had my camera since January however I take it everywhere as I never want to miss a moment. I love taking photos on holiday, as I can print the pictures off and put them in frames so treasure the memories forever.

So they are my 10 holiday essentials, let me know in the comments if your going away this year and what you holiday essentials are!

Love Hollie X


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