Tanya Burr- Birthday Suit Eye shadow Palette Review!

Being a massive lover of Youtube and of course being a long-term subscriber of Tanya Burr, I though it was about time that I tried some of her make up products. I went into my local super drug store, as that’s where Tanya’s products are stocked here in the UK. I didn’t really know what I was going to get, however I came out with this eye shadow palette that I’m reviwing today and a couple of lip products. Today I’m just going to be reviewing the Birthday Suit Eye Palette, giving you my opinion on the overall product, if its worth the money that sort of thing.



The Eye shadow Palette Design

I think the packaging is really pretty, its rose gold in colour with tiny little polka dots on and has a silver scalloped edging around the box. Inside there is a heart-shaped mirror, (which always comes in handy) and the four eye shadow pans. The palette also has details about the product on the back as well as how best to apply the shades, which is somthing I really like. The packaging closes with a magnetic strip which means its less likely to get damaged. I think that the packaging overall is designed very well and it’s quite compact and small which is great for travelling.


The eye shadow colours & pigmentation

The palette contains four different shades:

Marzipan- Light Shimmer

Toast- warm Orange Beige

Cocoa Sugar- shimmery brown with silver glitter

Soft Truffle- Matte dark brown




I think together the colours in the palette all work really well together, it means that you can create some very different looks with just this one palette. When applying the colours to my eyes the shades blended really well, I found that the dark shades are slightly more pigmented than the lighter colours but that’s generally true for most eye shadow palettes. I would say however that when I created this eye shadow look (pictures below) the darker shades seemed to blend out to nothing, which was a bit annoying, therefore the main colours I tend to use are the two lighter shades in the palette.



The price

In Superdrug this palette cost me £5.99, which is think is a fair price for a drugstore product. I don’t think that I would personally buy this palette again as I do tend to only use the lighter two shades, which means I’m wasting half of the palette. I would be interested in trying her two new eye shadow palette that she has just realeased to see if they work any better for me.

Let me know your opinions on Tanya Burr eye shadow palettes, do you like them, which ones would you recommend I try? I really love the Tanya Burr lip products that I’ve tried, I would defiantly recommend her lip gloss in Lunch Date for a pretty nude pink lip.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed reading this blog post ♥

Love Hollie X


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